Oval Photo Booth

Why Choose the traditional oval photo booth

our rental Booth in an event in Port Talbot

The oval photo booth is the gold standard booth, the most popular and certainly what people are most familiar with.

The Oval Booth is exactly what you would expect it to be. A booth that is oval shaped!

It’s exterior is glossy grey, with a padding effect which will suit any event.

The interior is curtained in white, with a 24″ touch screen at the front for you and your guests to choose which booth feature you would like to use.

The choice of features include video booth, where you or your guests to record a video of you singing or saying a nice message.

Gif Booth, because who doesn’t like a Gif? If you are not sure what they are, they are short 5 second videos.

And last but not least, the photo booth function. This is where you have 3-4 photos taken with our Canon DSLR camera, displayed on a personalised template and instantly printed with a state of the art dye sub printer.

You can choose to have 1, 2 or a print for every person in the picture. Most of our customer opt to have 2 prints per picture taken. 1 print for the guest book (if chosen) and 1 for your guests to take away.

Our guest books come in matt black, which look lovely with silver, gold or white written messages from your guests. As you can see below…

With every booth hire you have the option to have your images and videos displayed on Facebook for your friends and family to like, tag and share. And you will also have the option to have a USB stick with all images and videos on, including any original images (without the template) for you to do what you like with. They will not be watermarked!

How the Hire Works

If you do decide to hire the oval photo booth for your event, here’s what will happen;

-We will arrive 1-1.5 hours prior to your hire start time ready to set up. The booth is built on site and is brought in bags.
-We will need approximated 2x3m of space for optimal setup. This will give us enough space to build the booth without disturbance. It will also allow us have enough space for people to queue, and allows us space for a table for the guest book service to run optimally.
-Once your booth hire is over, we’ll close down immediately. This will take approximately 40mins.
-We’ll leave your completed guest book on your gifts table or with a responsible person and we’ll send out your USB stick in the post within 5 days of your event.

Reasons why you should hire an UberBooth Wales Photo Booth

  • Quality photo booth. As good as any other photo booth company in South Wales.
  • We have never had a bad review. We are the 5* photo booth company
  • Family run and operated- We are a husband and wife team. When you book with us, you get us.
  • Our Heart Shaped booth is the only one in Wales.
  • We’ll always show up
  • Quick to respond to messages, emails and phone calls.