Photo Booth Hire for Charities

Why not add a bit of wow factor to your next charity event by hiring a photo booth for your guests to enjoy?

It’s not just weddings and engagement parties that are allowed the pizaz of a photobooth. Nowadays, any event is an excuse to hire a photo booth. Guests love them, so why not?

We know that photo booth hire costs but as a charity you need not worry. The only charge you will incur is to cover our costs, which will be a maximum of £50-100 (depending on location) for up to 150 guests. We are happy to support all charities across South Wales.

We recently attended an event for the Huggard – Helping the Homeless Charity in Ferndale, Rhondda. We played a small part in helping to raise £1051. Screen shot showing how much was raised during charity event











Here’s what Rachel Davies, event organiser said about us,

Amazing! Absolutely made our recent charity event!! Would recommend to anyone looking to get a photo booth for their upcoming weddings or events

screen shot of Facebook review

There’s two ways that the charity can financially benefit from us being there;

  1. Donation at the door of the booth. Our booth attendant will collect donations from attendees who wish to use the booth.
  2. Charge per photo. How about charging a set fee to enter the booth? Each person will get a photo printed and the charity will benefit from the fee. You can decide the fee, we’ll take care of the payment.

There’s not just a financial benefit for the charity by us being there. Our photo booth is able to provide surveys for attendees to answer. Ask them anything you like. Collect contact information, find out more about your guests or do market research to inform you of future decisions. Just tell us what you want

If you’d like to have a chat about hiring our photo booth for your charity event then please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements. But first please check if we are available using the calendar below.

Reasons why you should hire an UberBooth Wales Photo Booth

  • Quality photo booth. As good as any other photo booth company in South Wales.
  • We have never had a bad review. We are the 5* photo booth company
  • Family run and operated- We are a husband and wife team. When you book with us, you get us.
  • Our Heart Shaped booth is the only one in Wales.
  • We’ll always show up
  • Quick to respond to messages, emails and phone calls.