Decided to expand our range of products and purchased a 3ft Ferris Wheel that serves sweets.



Had our first paid booking for a wedding in Merthyr Tydfil. Thank you Mr & Mrs Tucker.


Had the typical January blues and was questioning where I was going with my life. Randomly said to my wife, I want to start a business. Took out 2 credit cards and bought a photo booth.

Picked the booth up on January 26th from Birmingham. Had my first event on January 27th in Ferndale Band Club. It was a charity event raising money for the Huggard Help the Homeless charity based in Cardiff.


A work colleague started to work for a rival booth hire company for extra cash and was getting paid quite a bit for a small amount of time. I thought to myself, if he’s getting paid that much, imagine how much profit I could take if I owned the booth.

Priced it up but though, nah.



We finally decided to rent a booth and rushed to phone around to see if we could get one. Phoned numerous companies and finally got one, but paid over the odds for it.


We were planning our own Wedding and really wanted to hire a photo booth

Reasons why you should hire an UberBooth Wales Photo Booth

  • Quality photo booth. As good as any other photo booth company in South Wales.
  • We have never had a bad review. We are the 5* photo booth company
  • Family run and operated- We are a husband and wife team. When you book with us, you get us.
  • Our Heart Shaped booth is the only one in Wales.
  • We’ll always show up
  • Quick to respond to messages, emails and phone calls.