Since we launched this business almost 5 months ago we’ve noticed a trend. A trend that never seems to fail.

We can almost guarantee these 10 types of party goers will be at every party.

The question is- Which one are you?

1, The Glam One’s

Two Girls being glam in a photobooth

These guests, often young women, hardly take a look at the props. They strut into the booth, draw the curtains, and relish the opportunity to re-use that pout that they’ve been using on Instagram over the last 6 months. If they do use a prop, it needs to be perfectly placed to show off their best features.

2, The one’s that want to Naked

3 rugby boys showing their stomachs

More often than not these are Rugby lads who’ve had a few too many beers. They see the Photo Booth as an opportunity to extend their shower fun and games.

Although, there’s always that one lady (usually the mad aunt) that likes getting her *cough* assets out for the camera.

We couldn’t post some of the photo’s without raising the age limit to 18.

3, The Oldies

an old couple posing for the camera in a booth

Dragged in by their grandchildren, props placed upon them and told what to do. The ‘Oldie’s’ rarely change pose for the photos and are left scratching their head for the next half hour wondering what happened.

4, The One’s that can’t stay away

4 girls with props on in a phootobooth

These are usually the single bridesmaids at the wedding. With no handsome or single groomsmen to mingle with, they make it their mission to use every prop in as many photos as they can. They’ll often linger close to the booth and join other party goers as they go in. Why? Why the hell not?!

5, The Wannabee Star

Not every one likes to see themselves on camera, even less so, people don’t like to see themselves on video. However, when alcohol is involved the chances of it happening increases.

Occasionally, people see the ‘record a video’ application and see it as an opportunity to do their audition for x-factor.

Makes for great viewing the next day!

6, The One’s that Can’t Count

boy and girl getting tiger mask prop on

Aww these ones I feel for. These are the ones on the Facebook album who have cut off heads, go missing altogether, and often caught leaving before the last photograph is taken.

7, The Loved Up Couple’s

boy and a girl kissing in front of the camera

The one’s in the party that can’t keep their eyes and hands off each other. They see the photo booth as a way to express their love. You’ll see them smiling, arm in arm which always ends up with a kiss on the last photo. CUTE!

8, The Kids That Love to Pose

cartoon children smiling

Kids are usually the first ones to come to the Photo Booth. They are the ones that watch while we set up and queue before the start time.

For the first hour, you could easily find a do not disturb sign on the curtain as the kids try out every prop and every pose, twice over.

They then bring their parents in and show them what to do!!

9, The One’s that don’t know what’s going on

These two haven't got a clue what's going on

These ones are hilarious. These people, often not on Facebook to have seen other peoples albums, are told there’s a photo booth at the event and walk over to it to see what the fuss is about.

After 5 minutes of watching they pluck up the courage to go in. The first 3 photo’s are usually the same, then the fourth photo, one of them gets a little adventurous and makes a funny face.

10, The Kinky One’s

Man with tongue out bending over his wife in front of camera

Ah the kinky ones. When the guy just can’t wait to get home and decides to dry hump the girl in front of the camera.

The tongue out says it all ahahahahahahaha

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